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Itel Mobile's official Twitter account shades Taiwo, the recruiter who said it was rude that a job seeker said she smells nice

Itel Mobile
The argument is still on on Twitter about the appropriateness of telling an interviewer that they smell nice and Itel Mobile Nigeria has decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
Taiwo, a human resources personnel told of how a job seeker told her she smells nice after an interview (read here). She thought it was rude and said so to the job seeker. However, when she shared the story online, people had mixed reactions to it (read here).
Some said she was the rude one for being unable to take a compliment. Others said it is wrong, according to interview etiquette, to pay such personal compliments to interviewers in a professional setting.
Itel jumped on the trend and didn't hesitate to shade the HR personnel while they were at it.
Itel Mobile Nigeria tweeted from its official account:

There's an opening for a Digital Marketing Intern at our office. The preferred candidate should have a strong interest in digital marketing and must SMELL NICE.
Send your CV to Taiwo Ogunpaimo at ogunpaimo.taiwo@itel-mobile.com.
P.S: She's not your regular Taiwo.

Itel Mobile
Itel Mobile
Itel Mobile
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